What QR Codes can do for you

These days Quick Response (QR) barcodes are everywhere. From the travel section of your Sunday newspaper to billboards and pizza delivery menu’s every marketing department in the country seems to have adopted them convinced that by simply including one in each new campaign will guarantee a deluge of new customers.

It won’t. But not because QR codes aren’t an incredibly effective marketing tool but rather that the way they’re using them is wrong.

Firstly, too many companies still assume everyone knows what a QR code is. They don’t, and so simply printing one without a single word of explanation will do nothing to engage potentially new (and some existing) customers with your products and services – it will just look like a strange miniature crossword ruining the look of your advert, packaging or signage.

For the audience that does know what a QR code is, you must must must give them a good reason to take the time and effort to scan it and in one word that means VALUE…

> “Scan this code to get an exclusive £2,000 off a brand new car”
> “Scan this code for 5 simple ways to keep your heart in good shape”
> “Scan this code to take the route 38 bus timetable with you”

Humans, and therein consumers, don’t like doing something for nothing. But give them a genuine reward, delivered simply and in an interesting way and they’ll be back time and time again.

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About us

Central Designs is the UK’s first specialist supplier of Quick Response barcode marketing solutions.

Our skill set is a unique fusion combining 20 years experience as a web development, graphic design and advertising agency with an unrivalled knowledge of barcode and variable data labelling solutions for the retail, manufacturing and service sectors.

At Central Designs we work with our clients to develop and implement closed-loop Quick Response barcode strategies to engage, incentivise and inform.

Our portfolio contains highly innovative and interactive solutions for both private and public sector organisations.