Quick Response Barcodes (QR Codes)

Quick response barcodes are a specific type of two dimensional barcode.

Usually the size of a postage stamp with the appearance of a miniaturised crossword puzzle, QR codes can hold significantly more information than the regular barcodes we’re all familiar with seeing on our groceries, magazines and durable goods.

But it’s not the amount of information that makes QR codes such an exciting tool, it’s what you can now do with them.

Unlike their one dimensional cousins, QR codes can be encoded with text, an email address or even a URL. Smartphone app’s from the likes of Apple and Google can de-code them automatically using the phone’s camera as a barcode reader and take the user to a specific web page, open a new email or even send an SMS.

QR codes are not new, but the explosion in smartphone popularity has propelled them to become one of the most exciting marketing tools available and one perfectly in tune with the ever more mobile world in which your customers live.

For many businesses, QR codes are the doorway to the corridor that links real-world marketing materials and campaigns to brand owners web-based content and the e-commerce opportunities that lie therein.

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About us

Central Designs is the UK’s first specialist supplier of Quick Response barcode marketing solutions.

Our skill set is a unique fusion combining 20 years experience as a web development, graphic design and advertising agency with an unrivalled knowledge of barcode and variable data labelling solutions for the retail, manufacturing and service sectors.

At Central Designs we work with our clients to develop and implement closed-loop Quick Response barcode strategies to engage, incentivise and inform.

Our portfolio contains highly innovative and interactive solutions for both private and public sector organisations.