Our purpose and passion as a marketing agency is clear:

To use creativity to stimulate the senses, prompt actions and nurture brand loyalty.

A lot has changed since we started 25 years ago.

The geographic, social and demographic boundaries that once limited the reach of brands and their marketing communications have gone, replaced by a digital world that presents businesses with an audience of 6.5 billion people worldwide and countless new ways to reach them.

But just as the audience has grown so too has the competition for their (rapidly decreasing) attention (span)!

Put simply, with 200 million websites, smartphones, 30 billion apps, the TV, the high street and the media empires all vying for the consumers attention, the challenge of securing a bit for your business can seem more daunting than ever.


Our Solution:

When the market dilutes, you distil.

At Central Designs we are driven by the philosophy that simple is best. It’s never been more true.

We’re not saying that doing simple and doing it well is easy, but no matter what the medium, marketing communications have to convey their message in the blink of an eye. There quite simply isn’t time to elaborate any more.

Get to the point. Strip away and filter down. What you’re left with is the very essence of your product, service and values.

At Central Designs this is the way we see things and this is what we do.